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Meet our founder & Director

Snow and Pat started the business in the 1985 and have always invested in the business and the community in many ways. Snow and Pat have always believed that being a good community member and helping where they can and are able to very important. Snows considerable generosity after the Hamley bridge fire along with his and Stuarts efforts to raise awareness and funds for the leukaemia foundation led to Snow receiving an Australia day award in his local council area.



John started out operating machinery for the first seven years then moved into the maintenance section. John has a Heavy Vehicle Diesel Mechanics Certification and manages the workshop, as well as in field maintenance operations. John has had 28 years’ experience in forestry operations


Adam started as an operator and then moved into the haulage logistics section when the fleet moved to mass management. Adam issues all weekly truck plans and liaises with drivers on a daily basis with regards to schedules and load requirements. Adam has over 20 years’ experience in forestry operations


Matthew joined Merrett Logging at the start of 2018 and quickly learned the ins and outs of the forestry industry and Merrett Logging. His main duties are to manage the day to day harvest operations of the business, assist Adam with the haulage schedules as well as helping manage the 85 employees Merrett Logging employs. Matthew is a current finalist in Operations: Harvesting and In-Field Chipping Excellence Award in the Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards.


Alex joined Merrett Logging in November 2013 after moving back from abroad. Alex undertakes all financial duties including preparing management reports, budgets, commentaries and financial statements. He also is the payroll officer and undertakes all financial administration and internal audits. In 2018 Alex completed his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course.


Will joined in October 2018 and has been vital to developing and maintaining systems with regards to compliance, including daily reporting via Telematics and the Electronic Work Diary. Will works closely monitoring truck and operator movements with particular reference to ensuring all NHVR accreditation is maintained. Will regularly conducts audits on many aspects of our day to day operations in the field and is also responsible for the management of our LOGR electronic docket systems, overloading and aspects of fatigue management.


Kevin joined the company 12 months ago after a brief stint in the mining industry. He has a diverse background, starting as a welder fabricator and progressing to become a vocational teacher at TAFE SA. His experience in the education sector led Kev to work for the Department for Education with a focus in vocational education pathways for secondary students. Kev’s diverse background in both education and industry gives him a unique perspective on the intersection of these two areas and the application of his skills into the WHS Coordinator role at Merrett Logging.


Kate joined Merrett logging 2 years ago and runs the admin team. Kate’s role includes overseeing the integration and continuing management of the GEARBOX fleet maintenance software, daily data reconciliation, overseeing our LOGR electronic docket systems, and day to day business enquiries.


Harley began his career with us 12 years ago and after a short stint in other areas returned 7 years ago and has a brilliant understanding of truck maintenance. Harley runs the haulage
maintenance program for us including gearbox our digital maintenance system.


Tyson is one of our longest serving employees with over 15 years of experience in forestry and heavy vehicle mechanics. Along with qualifications in Heavy Vehicle and auto electrical Tyson has an excellent attention to detail and runs the field service component of our maintenance section.


10 Year Employees

Noelene Lemmey ( representing her late Husband Mick Lemmey)
Snow Merrett- Founder
Pat Merrett- Founder
Jamie Marlow – Leading hand/Harvester operator
Andrew Smith – Truck Driver
Vernon Mansell- Leading hand/Forwarder driver
Les Marcus- Truck Driver
Steven Ross- Truck driver
Cameron Merrett- Mechanic
Ted Pitman- Truck Driver/Loader operator
Tyson Murphy- Field service manager/Mechanic

John Merrett- Maintenance Manger/Director
Adrian DeKoning-Truck driver
Adam Merrett-Haulage and logistics manager/director
Dave McCombe- Truck Driver
Mark Merrett-Leading hand and harvester operator
Steven Klemm- Truck Driver

20 Year Employees

John Merrett-Maintenance manager/Director
Adam Merrett- Haulage and logistics manager/Director
Noelene Lemmey- Representing her late Husband Mick Lemmey-Truck driver/loader operator
Jamie Marlow- Leading hand/ Harvester operator

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